Water Policies / Environmental Economics

Name of the Project
Scientific Responsible
Duration Budget
Economic data related to the implementation of the WFD and the FD and the financing of measures
2020-2021 246.704,00€ / 7.958,00€ DG Environment / EU
Supporting the evaluation of the EU Directive 91/271/EEC concerning urban waste water treatment
2018-2019 287.921,00€ / 40.400,00€ DG Environment / EU
EC water policy Framework (ENV.C.1/FRA/2016/0014): Framework contract to provide services to the "Evaluation, review and development of EU water policy"
2016-2020 3 bids up to now / 161.023,00€ DG Environment/EU
Integrated Assessment of 2nd River Basins Management Plans
2017-2019 1.497.242,50€ / 84.446,00€ DG ENVIRONMENT / EU
EC Freshwater Policy Framework (ENV.D.1/FRA/2012/0014): Framework contract to provide services to support the development and
2012-2016 6 bids up to now DG Environment/EU
Methods and tools for adaptive water resources management in Europe
2011-2014 45.000€ HRAKLEITOS II – Reinforcement of research potential through doctoral research” through the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” co-financed by the European Commission (European Social Fund) and Greek funds
EPI-Water: Evaluating Economic Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Europe
2011-2013 4.457.213€/324.800€ EU / DG Research (76,7%) and national contribution (23,3%) FP 7 Program
IWRM-net: Towards a European-wide exchange network for improving dissemination of Integrated Water Resources Management research outcomes.
2007 - 2010 3.481.019€/54.000€ EU/ DG Research FP 6 Program
SPI Water: Science - Policy Interfacing in support of the Water Framework Directive implementation
2006 – 2008 1.070.000€/72.219€ EU / DG Research FP6 Program