EC water policy Framework (ENV.C.1/FRA/2016/0014): Framework contract to provide services to the “Evaluation, review and development of EU water policy”

  • Duration2016-2020
  • Budget Total / NTUA3 bids up to now / 161.023,00€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    DG Environment/EU

The objective of the framework contract is to provide services to the Water Unit in DG Environment in relation to the following:
1. To provide independent, impartial and punctual necessary work and advice on scientific, socio-economic and technical issues related to the issues dealt with within the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Floods Directive.
2. To provide technical assistance to the Commission in the assessment and compliance checking of the implementation of the EU water legislation (WFD, priority substances Directive, Groundwater Directive and Floods Directive) and 2nd RBMPs/1st FRMPs.
3. To provide technical assistance to the Commission in in-depth focused assessments of the WFD/FD implementation in MS on selected issues linked to specific needs, e.g. assessment of water pricing systems in MS for assessing fulfilment of EAC action plans, evaluation of the uptake of Natural Water Retention Measures in MS and how to better ensure mutual benefits of implementation and integration of water policy into other EU water policy areas, including biodiversity, green infrastructure, Nature, soil, forests, marine, REACH, INSPIRE, agriculture, energy, transport, industry, regional policy and cohesion and trans-boundary and international cooperation.
4. To provide technical assistance to assess information on possible infringement cases following the Commission’s initiative or a citizens’ complain.
5. To provide technical assistance for the evaluation of the WFD and the REFIT of the FD. Support for specific Impact Assessment and evaluations.