• Teaching two postgraduate courses in the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies «Water Resources Science and Technology»:
    • Advanced Hydrology
    • Floods and Flood Protection Works
  • Supervisor of PhD Dissertation (School of Civil Engineering) :
    • Evangelos Baltas (1996) «Estimation and forecasting of heavy storms and floods by using meteorological radars»
    • Yiannis Panagopoulos (2010), «Decision making for planning sustainable measures for water quality protection against non-point source pollution»
    • Fotis Fotopoulos (2011) «Flood forecasting in catchments using satellite rainfall data products»
    • Maggie Kossida (2015) «Methods and tools supporting operational drought risk management in water stressed areas»
    • Chrysoula Papathanasiou, (2018), «Development of a methodology for the estimation of the dynamic evolution of the flood-related hydrological behavior of periurban catchments under post-fire conditions»
    • Alex Psomas, (in progress) «Regional impacts of multiple critical environmental stressors on aquatic ecosystem services»

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