“Maria Mimikou is an engineering consultant in EU, Ministries, public organisations and private companies for Hydrology, Water Resources Management, science-policy interface, the Water Directive 2000/60 etc.

Indicative Consulting Work

  • European Environment Agency (EEA): European Topic Center on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters (ETC-ICM)
  • EC Freshwater Policy Framework (ENV.C1/FRA/2016/0014): Framework contract on the evaluation, review and development of EU water policy (DG Environment/EU)
  • EC Freshwater Policy Framework (ENV.D.1/FRA/2012/0014): Framework contract to provide services to support the development and implementation of EU freshwater policies (DG Environment/EU)
  • EU – level instruments on water reuse(DG Environment/EU)
  • Potential for growth and job creation through the protection of water resources, with a special focus on the further implementation of the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive (DG Environment/EU)
  • Support to the various Water Framework Directive Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) groups (DG Environment/EU)
  • Support to the Comparative study of pressures and measures in the major river basin management plans in the EU (DG Envniroment/EU)
  • Climate Adaptation – modelling water scenarios and sectoral impacts (DG Environment/EU)
  • EU Water Saving Potential (DG Environment/EU)
  • External Advisory group DG Research Expert Advisor on Sustainable Management and Quality of Water and Sustainable Management on Marine Ecosystems (DG Research/EU)
  • Expert Advisor on Water and Marine Sciences (DG Research/EU)
  • Assessment of the Characteristics of the Flood Event of the 1-2/1/1995 and Flood Risk in the Upper Acheloos River Basin (Ethniki Insurance).
  • Study of sedimentation and silting of the Ilarionas reservoir (Public Power Corporation)
  • Assessment of Frequency Characteristics of the 21st October 1994 Storm in Athens (Olympiako Metro).
  • Study of the Flood Discharges and Hydrological Design for Flood Protection, Lamia, (BIPE).