Harmoniqua: Harmonising Quality Assurance in model based catchment and river basin management

  • Duration2001 - 2005
  • Budget Total / NTUA2.572.040€/271.600€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    Ε.U / DG Research FP 5 Program

The project aims to develop a European methodology for modelling and simulation in water management, covering both generic and domain specific modelling activities.

The development of a generic methodology will be achieved on the basis of collected existing methodologies and guidelines (both generic and domain specific) and subsequent analysis, harmonisation, integration and improvement. Subsequently, the generic methodology will be translated into guidelines for seven specific domains: groundwater models, precipitation runoff models, hydrodynamic models (including sediment and morphology models), floods forecasting models, surface water quality models, biota (ecological) models, and socio-economic models. Stand-alone and plug-in tools to support modellers and water managers throughout the quality assurance process will be also developed and tested in integrated case studies covering geographical conditions and modelling cultures, involving various stakeholders and end-users. An exploitation infrastructure guarantees long term support and future use by the entire community or water managers.