MEDDMAN: Integrated water resources management, development and comparison of common transnational methodologies to combat drought in the MEDOCC regions

  • Duration2006 – 2008
  • Budget Total / NTUA1.345.325 €/285.040€
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  • Funding

    EU / ERDF (75%) and national funds (25%)

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The project MEDDMAN is a translational approach in the field of drought and water management involving competent national authorities, leading research institutes and regional authorities. The project’s target was to develop an integrated system, capable of evaluating the state of surface water and groundwater resources in the MEDOCC regions. Under the general scheme of preserving and improving the economic growth, emphasis was given to the development of efficient tools for sustainable water resources exploitation. Special attention was given to the environmental impacts of extreme meteorological and hydrological events, which were affecting the means of development and best interest of the locals.


– Improvement of the water supply-demand balance in the regions under drought risk.

– Development and application of economical tools for water management in the regions facing water shortage, evaluation of the possibilities for water reuse.

– Promotion of a transnational and inter-regional cooperation for the implementation of integrated strategies to manage water resources and combat drought.

– Reinforcement of the regional involvement in the water resources management and mobilization activities.

– Compilation of environmental impact studies for land degradation.