ETC: European Topic Centre (ETC) on Water

  • Duration2011-2013
  • Budget Total / NTUA4.800.000€/520.000€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    EEA (90%) and national contribution (10%)

ETC on Water is involved in the work of EEA as data centre for the thematic area of water. Tasks focus on harmonizing monitoring of the environment in the member countries, in the compilation of the resulting data in international databases, in the processing of the information including the use of models to describe and analyze the present and future state of the environment, and in the production of indicators to communicate the findings to various users. To perform these tasks, ETC on Water has involved the best expertise in Europe to handle data in their topic area and to analyze the environmental data with regard to developments in society and economy and to environmental and sectoral policies.

Work areas

1. Environmental data and monitoring to deliver policy relevant data and information on water quality and quantity, as well as biological and hydromorphological elements, covering all areas of groundwater, surface, coastal and marine waters.

2. Update existing indicator and development of new indicators to support regular assessments on state of and trends in the environment and to support policy processes in the water area. Also review of core set of indicators.