Support for the implementation of the ENI-SEIS East 2017-2018 regional and country work plans in the thematic area of water

  • Duration2017-2018
  • Budget Total / NTUA264.450,00€/47.000,00€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    European Environment Agency

To support European policies related to water quality and quantity by providing transfer of knowledge towards the environmental agencies of the countries involved (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) regarding the integrated assessment of water quality, quantity and use, to track progress and provide outlooks on the achievement of policy targets and quality assurance schemes.
Participation in:
– Monitoring, data and information systems
– Indicators of nutrients in freshwater (C11) and BOD, ammonia concentrations (C10) as a template to demonstrate the data exchange and integration on national level in order to support the development of a common national information system on water (WISE).
– Create synergies with other international activities and projects ie. EU WI + UNDP-GEF, BSIS in order to support the improvement of the countries’ ability to fulfill international obligations on producing reports.