Euroharp: Towards European harmonized procedures for quantification of nutrient losses from diffuse sources

  • Duration2001 - 2005
  • Budget Total / NTUA6.770.688€/128.299€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    Ε.U / DG Research FP 5 Program

EUROHARP will provide a comprehensive scientific evaluation of 10 different contemporary tools are currently used to support policy reporting at national and international level for estimating diffuse losses of N and P in 17 study catchments across North – South – and East – West gradients in European climate, soils, topography, hydrology and land use. In- depth studies of the tools’ perfomance regarding their ability to reproduce accurate figures on nutrient losses and their sensitivity towards changes in major environmental driving forces and management practises will be performed in selected well monitored catchments and then be applied to the remaining 12 catchments throughout Europe.

Finally, a socio-economic analysis of the consequences when the ”most appropriate tool” concept is implemented will be performed in 3 selected case catchments, based on appropriate scenarios of abatement strategies linked to requirements of the EU Water Framework and Nitrate Directives.