FLADAR: Flood zoning in Southeast Attica using gauge calibrated radar rainfall and advanced modelling techniques

  • Duration2007 - 2010
  • Budget Total / NTUA100.000€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Funding

    EU / DG Research Marie Curie Actions

The chief objective of the FLADAR project is to combine the main researcher’s expertise in flood assessment studies and the technical and personnel support of two major research institutes, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), to produce flood risk zones in selected areas southeast of Athens, Greece. No prior studies of flood risk maps exist for the city of Athens. The absence of flood zones prohibited the implementation of sound flood risk management plans and let people and properties vulnerable to flash floods during significant storm events.

The FLADAR project aims to provide such input to the Competent Authorities by conducting a comprehensive flood study in a currently developing region of Athens, where effective flood management planning may not only mitigate flood impact but also prevent it. The study will use GIS and distributed modelling techniques supported by rain gauge calibrated radar rainfall from the polarimetric radar of the NOA and historical rainfall data from the METEONET gauge network operated by NTUA.