COST action 869: Mitigation options for nutrient reduction in surface water and groundwaters

  • Duration2006-2011

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is one of the longest-running European instruments supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. It does not fund research itself but provides a platform for European scientists to cooperate on a particular project and exchange expertise. These projects are called “Actions”. COST Action 869 belongs to the key domain: ‘Food and Agriculture’ and is meant as a network for researchers from 30 countries with the main objective to undertake a scientific evaluation of the suitability and cost-effectiveness of different options for reducing nutrient (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) loss to surface and groundwaters at the river basin scale, including their limitations in terms of applicability under different climatic, ecological and geographical conditions.

Specific objectives of the Action

– localisation of critical source areas of nutrient losses and their transport routes at the river basin scale;

– investigation of the temporal dynamics of nutrient losses;

– identification of areas where mitigation actions are most likely to be effective at minimising nutrient loss;

– evaluation of existing or finished projects on mitigation.