Bringing the OpenMi to Life

  • Duration2007-2011
  • Budget Total / NTUA4.002.656€/ 429.164,9€
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  • Funding

    EU/ DG Environment, ENV.E-4-Life (49%) and national contribution (51%)

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The goal of OpenMI-LIFE is to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and, more particularly, make integrated water management feasible. This requires an ability to predict not only how individual catchment processes will respond to ‘programmes of measures’ but also to foresee how those processes will interact with each other.

Prediction is achieved through the use of models but until the development of the OpenMI, no generic open practical mechanism existed that could link together models of different processes from different suppliers running on different machines.

HarmonIT, funded by FP5, has developed and proved the highly innovative concept of the Open Modelling Interface, which solves this complex problem. OpenMI-LIFE will demonstrate how it can be deployed, used, supported and funded at the operational level on real world scale problems. This demonstration will be conducted in co-operation with Competent Authorities in two Pilot River Basins, the Scheldt and the Pinios. It will also show how requests by users for changes to the interface will be handled and implemented. It is the intention that the procedures and systems demonstrated and refined in this project will continue after the project. The long term aim is that the OpenMI should become the European and global standard for model linking in the environmental domain.