I-ADAPT: Innovative approaches to halt desertification in Pinios: Piloting emerging technologies

  • Duration2011-2012
  • Budget Total / NTUA710.000€/105.000€
  • Scientific Responsible


  • Main Researcher

    Christos Makropoulos

  • Funding

    EU/DG Environment

  • Websitehttp://www.i-adapt.gr

The i-adapt research project will develop a specific, actionable plan for combating desertification through the use of emerging technologies for managing both water supply and demand at the water basin level (with an emphasis on agribultural water use) and pilot it in the case of the desertification of the Pinios River Basin.


Main activities of the project include review of existing pilot applications of technologies in Pinios with on-site visits, model development for the Pinios Basin, development of decision support tools for technology application and development of action plan and recommendations to be included in the next round of RBMP for Pinios.i-adapt