Potential For a Growth And Job Creatio Through The Protection Of Potential For Growth And Job Creation Through the Protection Of Water Resources…

  • Duration2012-2013, 2014-2015
  • Budget Total / NTUA2 bids in total of 16.544,78€
  • Funding

    DG Environment/EU

The overall aim of the present study is to identify how best to achieve sustainable growth through the protection of water resources. To address this question, the study will:

– Perform an initial screening of the current EU policy implementation (gaps) and its relevance as key driver to employment and economic growth. This initial screening will be performed for 16 EU Member States.
– To carry out detailed assessments of the investments that would be required to comply with EU water legislation and of their employment and economic growth potential. These detailed assessments will be performed for 6 well chosen MS.