EU – lever instruments on water reuse

  • Duration2014-2016
  • Budget Total / NTUA8.384€
  • Funding

    DG Environment / EU

The project aims to provide independent, sound and timely advice on the completion of the impact assessment of policy options to be developed in the context of water reuse. This includes several activities to support the Commission in this endeavour:
•To update and complete the in-depth analysis of the need for action at EU level and of the potential economic, environmental and social impacts of policy options to be identified in co-ordination with the European Commission.
•Supporting the work of the Commission inter-service group and the Strategic Coordination Group (SCG) under the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) for the Water Framework Directive (WFD)
•Collecting additional evidence and completion of the Impact Assessment.
•Developing a draft of the selected EU-level instrument(s) on water reuse.
•Organising a stakeholder Meeting/Workshop.
•Supporting information, communication and knowledge enhancement measures