Combining NOvel MOdeling TEchniques and socio-economic considerations for effective, efficient and acceptabLE Best Management Practices In Agricultural River Basins (NOMOTELEIA)

  • Duration2012-2015
  • Budget NTUA150.000€
  • Scientific Responsible


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NOMOTELEIA proposes a modular, comprehensive methodological framework that combines state of the art approaches in the field of water resources modeling, remote sensing, agricultural water management and social networking, changing the paradigm for the design of effective,efficient, consistent and acceptable Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water management in agricultural catchments. The proposed methodology will be tested in major river basins of one predominantly agricultural Water District in Greece (Thessaly). The project will deliver this methodology through a flexible and transferable decision support tool that will assist policy makers to evaluate alternative strategies by translating, in an intuitive way, policy objectives to modeling parameters for a range of climatic and socioeconomic scenarios. The derived BMPs could potentially complement the Programmes of Measures (PoMs) embedded in National River Basin Management Plans(RBMPs) as required by the WFD.