Ecosystems Status / Services

Name of the Project
Scientific Responsible
Duration Budget
Support for the implementation of the ENI-SEIS East 2017-2018 regional and country work plans in the thematic area of water
2017-2018 47.000,00€ European Environmental Agency
ETC: European Topic Center on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters
2014-2018 400.000€ EEA (90%) and national contribution (10%)
M A R S: Managing Aquatic ecosystems and water Resources under multiple Stress
2014-2018 1.655.100,00€/359.500,00€ DG Research FP7-ENV-2013.
ETC: European Topic Centre (ETC) on Water
2011-2013 4.800.000€/520.000€ EEA (90%) and national contribution (10%)
ETC: European Topic Centre on Water
2007 - 2010 5.467.450€/ 710.000€ EEA (European Environment Agency) (90%) and national contribution (10%)